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 Spare Change?

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PostSubject: Spare Change?   Sat Dec 21, 2013 6:55 pm

Aiden sat down in his usual spot. The middle of the food court was the busiest place in the mall, and it was the best place for him. The mall had opened five minutes ago, and he only had about an hour before the rush. Aiden sat down, leaning on one of the support beams, and took the guitar out of the case. As he set the guitar on his lap, he put a cardboard sign in the case. "Spare Change?" it read in bold, black paint. He had been playing for a few years now, and the Mall had actually been supporting him for the past month. Every few hours, one of the food stands would give him a free drink and/or a dollar item, which helped as he had to save every penny to afford a house, and be eligible for a job. He started strumming when the first crowd of people stormed in the food court. Aiden didn't have much of a selection of music, but each one was equally loved by regulars in the place, almost to the point where he has become and attraction. "How to start today..." He whispered to himself, so he just started strumming. After a while it turned into Swing Life Away by Rise Against, which got him about $5.07.
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Spare Change?
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