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 The description thingy...

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PostSubject: The description thingy...   Tue Jan 07, 2014 7:12 pm

A mythical half-man half-bird creature from ancient Greece that lived by the sea. Originally referred to as a god that singing voice had the power to disrupt the minds of those that listen to it. In fact this creature is the root word of the English word "Siren."

The appearance of a Siren varies depending on the individual, but they generally appear as dominantly Human in form, unless in their two monster states. In their monster form, a Siren appears as a Human with large white wings, giving them the appearance of an angel. Another feature, at least seen in a male of the species, are double-jointed legs, with the legs below the first joint being very bird-like, albeit noticeably rough and jagged.

The power of these legendary monsters is their voice, which is utilized as a mesmerizing, hypnotic song that can easily take control of a Human, as well as swiftly engender their deaths as well. This singing ability can also be converted into an immensely powerful sonic attack which can wreck devastation on its victims and cause formidable kinetic damage, such as pulverizing rock, concrete, and other solid objects, as well as shatter glass.

This power can even affect other monsters, and bring about considerable injury and death to low-class and mid-class monsters very quickly. This attack is also accompanied by a very strong release of Yōki, and is the Siren's principle weapon.
Type of hybrid ayashi with unclear ancestors. Among all the ayashi, majority are outcast ayashi with different types and abilities.. Hybrids are the most unspecific race known, as their appearance can vary from being to being depending on what race their ancestors are. Refereed to often as Monstrel, these creatures tend to live their life in solitude, avoiding both humans and other monsters. This is not true for all Hybrids though. Like their appearances, these Yōkai have many different kinds of abilities, such as bladed hands, secreting mind-control serums, superhuman strength and agility, and an assortment of other powers. Due to their varying ancestry the power of Monstrels tend to vary greatly from low levels to those powerful enough to challenge S-class monsters.
Ferocious creatures of the night. Two legged monsters in human form, appearing completely humanoid, but possessing power greater than any human in both speed and strength. When in wolf form, however, they could even outmatch a vampire in both skills.

Their human form look much the same as any other human, varying from person to person. Most will exhibit longer nails and hair than most ordinary humans. In wolf form, they take on the form as a Direwolf, only twice the muscle size, and twice the weight. Hair covers their entire body, although the colour of it normally depends on the natural colour of the individuals hair.

Werewolves, being creatures of the moon, gain their power from the moon. The brighter and closer the moon is to them, the more speed and power they gain from it's light. Now although they get a large portion of their strength from it, they can change, and fight without it, and still take on almost any monster or human that could possibly pose a threat. Werewolves have extremely low light vision, mush like a dogs, where a human would see nothing but a silhouette, a werewolf, even in human form, could make out the individuals eye colour.

Humans are simple creatures and exactly what you would think basically. They need to eat, drink water, and sleep to survive. However the humans here are not your pathetic weaklings. Humans here can use magic and can only specialize in one type off magic. You have defensive and offensive magics of four different elements. Fire, Water, Air, and Earth.

Defensive Magic: Only to be used when attacked.
Fire: Examples, a wall of flames could surround you or someone else to keep enemy attacks from getting in. You can infuse the magic into something such as a shield or emergency dagger.
Water:Surround yourself in a bubble of water and use it as a whip in bad situations.
Air: Use it to make a quick getaway or to cut a tree into your path so you can’t be followed.
Earth: Make the ground below you rise or make a boulder block the persons path.

Offensive Magic: Used in Attacks.
Fire: Use it to burn your opponent, make the ground they stand on hot, and set fire to their surroundings.
Water:Surround your enemy in a water bubble so they can’t breathe. Use it as a whip to cut them or to tie them up.
Air: suck the air away around your opponent, use it to cut them, or make them bounce back.
Earth: make giant boulders crush your enemy. Use it to make the trees hold them. You get the jist by now.

NOTE: This is to be continued. I'm just working on getting better descriptions and editing it with Vitalis. If you have any input message me and I will look it over.[/b]

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PostSubject: Re: The description thingy...   Tue Jan 07, 2014 7:27 pm


Any manner of synthesised being. Be it human, anthropomorphic, or even animal. Synthesised beings are normally outcast if they are discovered. Although easy for some to disguise, it's not so easy for others. Common examples of synthesised beings could include anything from your cloned sheep, to splicing together human and animal DNA. Synthetic creatures normally have something that distinguishes them from the outside world, the only single fixed difference from everyone else, however, is the bellybutton, never having been born, they will always lack that scar.
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The description thingy...
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