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 Mourning and Thinking of a plan(Open for anyone)

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PostSubject: Mourning and Thinking of a plan(Open for anyone)   Mon Jan 13, 2014 2:19 pm

I walk in to the cemetery with a bouquet of flowers and candles in hand as I proceed to the grand mausoleum in the center of the cemetery.I set down the flowers and light the candles and put them at the door.My eyes turned to the engraving on the side of the wall.Here lie six different bodies who are still unidentified.That is what the engraving said but in reality 5 of those dead bodies are family members of mine.They were killed the last time war broke out between the races.They weren't even fighting yet they were still killed!I tightened by fist and I became angry with myself."If only I was there a few minutes earlier I could have saved them,instead they were killed.For what?For being dragons and not some other race?how the FUCK would ANYONE care what race you are!"I punched the ground and the ground below shook."How am I going to fix this?"Then i thought to myself,Is there a way to fix this?I lean my hand over the names of the fallen and rest my head on the wall and I closed my eyes and I let out a disappointed sigh.
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Mourning and Thinking of a plan(Open for anyone)
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