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 The real Kay White

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PostSubject: The real Kay White   Sun Feb 02, 2014 6:34 pm

Name: Kay R. White. (Known widly as the hell knight for his special eye powers)
Gender: Male
Age: he looks 28
Race:Demon/Dragon hybrid
Family: He is the last of the White clan, what family?
Personality:Kay never liked showing his positive emotions, those who know him only years after he was attacked by his father, mostly saw his rage, or other negative emotions. Those who knew him near that time see his positive side expressed more. No matter what side he reveals, he keeps the other side of him locked up inside. He is esily angered outwardly, and unless you can find the little good Kay does have in him, you might end up being killed.
History: cast out from his life as a knight for his committing of several crimes and murder of his own men, Kay set his sights on the human world. His life plan was to at least look like he fit in with everyone else, it turns out, after noticing how skilled some of the fighters are, he made his new goal in life: find one fighter, and make their life a living ... well, worse than how he was treated at least. Kay spent most of his past in prison, he had the power to get free, but he liked it there, everyone hating him, and afraid of him at the same time, it was like back home to him. Kay smuggled a lot of money into his jail cell knowing he would get attacked for it. Every inmate wanted a piece of him, and those that tried to attack him had easily been dealt with, killed. eventually the ones keeping him captive took notice to the increasing amount of blood in his room, so they would enter. At that moment, Kay ran for the door and escaped, slicing the guards up with his blade.

The first thing he did outside of jail was go to his father, the one he hated so much. The one who turned him into the monster he is. Kay killing his father and taking his eyes from him was a way of saying thanks. After the act, however, Kay was saddened. He realized that his father was only being corrupted just as he himself was. Kay's next targets was all of his family and relatives. He wanted their power more than anything else. He had to gain their strength so that he could one day avenge his clan for being controlled as they had been.

After the mess and the large session of bloodshed, Kay joined an underground gang. His emotions sealed, he quickly proved his worth. helping the gang steal things and destroy their targets. He had eventually overthrown the leader and took the gang for himself. He spends his days doing nothing very different from his usual pursuits.
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Ceraph Corruption

Ceraph Corruption

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PostSubject: Re: The real Kay White   Sun Feb 02, 2014 6:37 pm

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The real Kay White
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