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 Rika Halton

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PostSubject: Rika Halton   Wed Jun 06, 2018 11:00 pm

|♛Rika Halton aka Sasha Grotte♚|
|Age| 25
☏Birth Information☏
☽Where were they born☾: N/a
☽When(time, month, day) were they born☾: September 27th
☽Zodiac Sign☾: Libra
|Gender| Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
♥️Relationship Status♥️♡: Single and not looking.
❦Crushing On❦: Her ex, who she hopes dies in a fire.
|Physical Appearance|
*Pictures below*
|Physical Details|
Height: 5’6
Weight: 160. Pure muscle
Species Breed: Fallen Angel
|History| *Optional But Recommended*
Family Background:
Mother: Aubrey Halton
Father: Thomas Halton
Siblings: None
Childhood(birth to age 12): Happy family. Happy life. Til she was seven and her parents were murdered. Her fathers best friend took her in. Though little did she know he was the Godfather of a Mafia. He trained her, cared for her, let her go to school. Though oddly enough he never once asked her to join them.
Teenage Years(13 to 19): She was trained in several hand to hand combat skills as well as how to shoot a gun. Around 13 she started asking to help on missions. Around 16 she became bait. She loved being bait. Taunting poor men to their deaths. Though at 18. She left. She wanted to do her own thing. She was gifted a set of knives by her adopted father and he told her if she needed anything to call. Well she wouldn’t call. She became a mercenary. A hit man. Taking care of business in the slums for drug dealers and the like.
Adulthood(20+): Until she turned 23 and found Simon. An up and coming businessman with several people who needed silenced. The only problem? She’s found herself falling in love with him. And after time together, he fell for her. They spent a good amount of a year living under the same roof, in a relationship. That is until she came home one day and knew another woman had been touched by him. Rika didn't say a word as she left. However he followed her, found her, and confronted her. She of course, was not having any of his shit and turned him down, leaving once again. Now in hiding, the fallen angel runs from her love constantly.
Main Traits:
♙Cold hearted.
♙Straight to business, no play.
♙Hot headed
✔️Hand to hand combat
✔️Sharp shooter
Powers: {describe them to the best you can} [When using a power, does it have a side effect? Are they limited on certain powers?] *MAX SIX POWERS*
☬ Shadow manipulation. So long as there is a shadow around she is able to use it to hide herself or surround someone in darkness.
Habits and Quirks:

Pets Name: Hercules
Wellbeing: Happy and healthy
Love Meter: ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Art was done by Kristen McKnight, character is owned by me. You may not redistribute or use this artwork without mine or Kristen's permission
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Rika Halton
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