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Tatsumi Yamato

Tatsumi Yamato

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PostSubject: War(Hybrid)   Mon Jan 06, 2014 10:34 pm

Name:Project-0001WA5 Codename: War
Race:Demon(Lightning Alignment)/Dragon(Fire Alignment) Hybrid
Personality:War is a very isolated, lonely, and uncaring person. He has a unusually aggressive side and doesn't mind getting into a fight, or cutting off limbs to get want he wants. He doesn't make friends easily, and would use them, if it served his purposes.
History:As I awoke from my home and into the room, filled with the bodies of scientist that are dismembered and burned, I walked over to the nearest console and started messing with it. All I could find was two things: Project-0001WA5 Codename: War and [Missing Files]. I continued to all the modules but finding nothing but [Missing Files]. I eventually continued to search the premise and all I could find was a locker, again with the same name, Project-0001WA5 Codename: War. I opened it and found a pair of clothing, a mask, and a weapon, a prestigious scythe. I put the clothing on and proceed to blast a hole in a wall, making a hole to the outside world. All I knew was a few things: That the only thing I have for a name is War, I have some strong type of powers(Lightning and Fire usage), and that I'm not normal. I walked out of the room and started to roam the area.


Abilities: Fire(Dragon Flame{Oragnge})/Lightning(Demon Lightning{Black}) manipulation-Minor Dragon Shifting(Can change certain parts of his body in that of a dragon's)-Scythe Expertise-Extreme Speed
Hair-A Medium Length, with a upper ponytail, tails splitting down the sides of his face.His Hair color is predominately Red with stripes of white mixed in.
Eyes-They are split in the contents. The left eye is that of a dragon, with the color being Orange, while the right eye is that of a demon, with the color being Red.
Markings- War has a sorta of Bar code Branding on the back of his neck, with his project and code name inscribed above it.
Skin Color-Tan
Weapon:The Grim Reaper(Scythe)-Made of the strongest Hellion Metal/Fire-Elemental
Ability-Flame Chain=Allows for the Scythe to change into a Chain-and-Sickle with a Flame blade
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PostSubject: Re: War(Hybrid)   Mon Jan 06, 2014 10:37 pm

Accepted though if you use those abilities on my character i will cut you in half.
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